When we announced that our festival would be held for the first time, we said that:

“This is a new birth… A birth includes pain, with fears and hopes. A new birth that exists with the worry of existence a “new voice and breath” by learning from the thousands of years history of  Anatolia, equipped with the wisdom of a geography that has raised different cultures and civilizations in its cradle. A “different” birth that desires to bring together different sounds, different breaths, different colors, different rhythms, different lines and sentences. Our life practice that compares beauty with ugly and darkness with light; certainly, it will distinguish beauty and light. As long as our dreams are about beauty and light. As long as it is about overcoming our pains, fears, insufficiencies and troubles … ”

The presence of artists who have been on the side of the people for decades; crucified of criticism censorship, taboos and all kinds of pressure tools on labor with their production, and struggled for a sense of culture and art which are on the side of human and labor with a hope of blooming a hundred flowers side by side and freely, are the main supports which is strengthening the base of our festival. Yılmaz Güney’s sense of culture and art remains its hotness and the life practice for the sake of this situation, as one of our most powerful sources of inspiration. We believe that this festival, which is kneaded with a culture and art understanding, which are representing Yılmaz Güney and “new”, will be an important heritage for the future.

Yilmaz Güney Culture and Art Festival, the first of which was held in 2008 and the second in 2012, set out with the claim that it is an extremely important and great festival, where the art of the people is developed, the good and the beauty are encouraged, and the people of our country meet beyond the “limits of enmity” built by the rulers.  Today, the basic foundation that enlarges our belief and claim is the success of the two festivals. The first festival brought together a fairly large segment, despite the disadvantages of being first and new. The second festival was organised as the deficiencies of the first one were improved. Hundreds of participants shared their products in short films, theater, story, cartoon, music and poetry. Thousands of people attended the panels, interviews, demonstrations and exhibitions held in Yılmaz Güney in eleven different cities.

This picture should be read as a modest but important indicator that Yılmaz Güneys’ struggle for which they devote their lives, is not exhausted. Yilmaz Güney Culture and Art Festival is an appeal against the selfishness, indifference, pessimism, daunting, despair that the hegemons flatters every hour of the day with the big budget “giant organizations”. It is the workers in the mines, the peasants in the fields, our children who have been murdered at the age of 13, the political prisoners in prison, the Alevis, who carried the fire of Sivas as a deep wound, Kurds, Armenians whose language and culture were suppressed and many more.

Yılmaz Güney Culture and Art Festival has been further enriched with the participation of friendly hearts from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Brazil, Germany, by crossing the borders with hope, love, songs about more beautiful country and the world. For these and many other reasons, Yılmaz Güney Culture and Art Festival is not a ‘competition’ organization. The awards given have spiritual value and are intended to thank labor, to reveal cultural accumulation, to encourage participation, to provide motivation and opportunities. Indeed, in terms of hundreds of participants, participating in a festival organized on behalf of Yılmaz Güney was considered the greatest “award” to be a partner of tomorrow’s bright dream.

We are excited to organize the 3rd Yılmaz Güney Culture and Art Festival with Dersim Municipality in this year. As part of the festival, we will work with the municipality and organize the process together. The 3rd Yılmaz Güney Culture and Art Festival started again with all its determination. Wishing to walk together on this beautiful and hopeful road…