As in the general orientation of the festival, our aim in the story branch is not to “compete” with the participants; To bring together the sections related to literature, to provide experience sharing, to combine dreams about good and beauty, to encourage production and labor.

1. Yılmaz Güney Culture and Art Festival is open to all anti-capitalist, anti-sexist, anti-chauvinist, anti-speciesist, anti-imperialist works.

In the Festival Story and Poetry category, works will be accepted in Turkish, Kurmancî / Kırdaşki, Kırmanckî / Zazakî and Armenian languages; in the cinema category there will be no language limitation , all works will be accepted with Turkish subtitles attachment.

3. Participation, amateur or professional; it is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and objective class belonging.

4. The subject of the story is free. Each participant can participate with up to three stories.

5. After participation, the festival organization collective reserves the right to publish, or not to publish, the original works – once only – anywhere. Works are not returned.

6. The results will be announced at the award ceremony on June 7.

7. Turkish Story Selection Committee consists of Sibel Öz, Pelin Buzluk and Mehmet Erte,

Kurmancî / Kırdaşki Story Selection Committee consists of; Yıldız Çakar, Şener Özmen, Şêxo Fîlîk,

Kırmanckî / Zazakî Story Selection Committee consists of; Deniz Gündüz, Nadire Güntaş Aldatmaz, Ali Aydın Çiçek,

Armenian Poetry Selection Committee consists of Sevan Değirmenciyan, Tamar Mangasar and Lusyen Koper.

8. A selection of stories that rank and get acclaim will be published and sent to the owners of the work.

9. Participants participating in the Festival with their stories are deemed to have accepted the principles of regulation.


10. Those who want to participate in the festival by e-mail can apply to yilmazguneyksf@gmail.com with the conditions required below.

11. To participate in the festival by hand or by post / cargo

“Yüz Çiçek Açın Kültür Merkezi, Mahmut Şevket Paşa Mah, Piyale Paşa Cad. No: 154/3, Okmeydanı, Şişli / İST.” They can send to the address with the conditions requested below.

12. Works should be prepared in 12-point size, single spacing with Times New Roman character in Word document format. Works must not exceed 15 pages.

13. The deadline for participation is 15 April 2020 and the required conditions are:

– Print-out of stories in A4 size

– Stories recorded in CD format in Word format (Word document should be named as “name of the owner of the work-title of the work”, the same information should be written on the CD.)

– Fully filled application form (www.yilmazguneyksf.org)

– One passport photograph of the author (the name and surname of the author must be written on the back of the photograph)


– Previously published or digitally published works,

– The poems that do not belong to the person who has his/her signature as an author, are copied from one place completely or partially and sent to the competition,

– Stories delivered after the deadline,


– At the award ceremony to be held in Istanbul on June 7, 2020, for the owners of a total of 6 works determined by the evaluation committee.

– To the owners of the works that received the “Yılmaz Güney Award”, “Encouragement Award”, “Selection Committee Award”;

– Specially designed festival figurines will be presented.

– The original movie posters of Yılmaz Güney will be presented by Yılmaz Güney Foundation.

– The works determined by the selection committees in the Story, Poetry, Cartoon and Photography categories will be published as catalogs by Sancı Publications.

– A book set consisting of Yılmaz Güney books, published by Yılmaz Güney Foundation, will be presented as a gift.


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